Beach Front Property (Days 1-3)

Yes, I landed safely Mom.

By the very nature of just getting here, most of this post will be observational stuff as I’m getting my bearings.

Here is a picture of my dorm (the far building) overlooking the canal.


The room even had a mini-Fridge and I filled it with beverages of sorts. I also bought a soccer ball because why not? I have a single with its own bathroom and there is a kitchen and dining room within this suite. The kitchen looks great and I’m sure it would have been used well by a person who knew how to cook.

Academically speaking, I have 8 hours of class a week, which leaves 160 hours of not-class each week. Three of my four classes take field trips instead of lecture in the one class each week. One of those classes “London and its Museums” takes field trips every week. The first reading is “What is a museum?” I’m so excited. “Architecture in London” lets us go to and look at landmarks every other lecture. The last trip goes to the mall. The other two classes are “Contemporary Art and Society” and “Background to British Politics.”

I tried to take the big red double decker bus for the first time, but the driver kicked me off for not having an Oyster card (Metro/Charlie card). Stupid Brits. None of the other people let me use theirs and let me pay them in cash. When in America the accent just seems so elegant but when you’re here and they kick you off the bus it’s just so annoying.

Since it’s still winter break for them, pretty much only the study abroad students are here (mostly American). I’ve met a few really cool people and I look forward to meeting more. I went to a pub already if you were curious. I’m just worried that since I might leave campus most weekends to travel – maybe it’ll be hard to foster long-term friendships. Here are some pictures from the orientation boat cruise:

2015-01-09 15.59.29
That’s Will from Middlebury/Philly.

2015-01-09 16.25.30


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