The Takeaway (Days 5-7)

There are a whole bunch of differences in culture between America and England. Most of them are small, innocuous, and figure-out-able. Instead of the “exit”, there is the “way out”. Instead of takeout, it’s “take-away.” People deal out “cheers” like there’s no tomorrow. I would say I’ve consciously thought about 150-200 small differences like this. Not worth listing – but I know I’ll be saying some of them wrong when I get back home. That’s if I make it home and don’t get hit by a car first. Also, beer comes in packs of 4 and the bagels have been coming in packs of 5.

I didn’t get to watch the BCS game because it started at 1:30 AM. No football for me.

On Sunday, we took a bus tour around Central London so here are some pictures:

2015-01-11 12.39.00

2015-01-11 14.21.37


I had Mexican food in London and it wasn’t terrible. The quest is over.


Update: So since I felt so stupid going to the wrong Tube stop when going to the Crystal Palace game, I pretty much agreed to never speak about it again. But here I am – speaking about it again. In class out of all places, I learned why I made the mistake that I did. Apparently, the Crystal Palace was a huge glass building that was built to host the Great Exhibition of 1851 (the first World fair). It burned down almost 100 years ago, but the soccer team was named after it. The Crystal Palace Tube stop is where the grounds of the building was. But the soccer team is in a different location – it just shares the name. So yeah…

Tonight, a group of friends and I went to another captivating football game. West Ham and Everton were playing a replay of a previously tied FA Cup match. It went to overtime, PK’s, and then the West Ham goalie drove in the winning shot in the 10th round of penalties. I am officially a West Ham fan now – press release pending – I have the scarf, it’s the closest team to campus, and their official song is about bubbles (so happy!). I’m memorizing it now. Yay for something to root for.

2015-01-13 21.58.07


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