Potpourri (Days 11-14)

More Football

Saturday, I got a Tottenham-Sunderland ticket on Stubhub after deciding to go to my 3rd football game this week. At some point, I might be going to too many. But I have yet to reach that point. That would be a sad day. I’d probably run out of money before reaching that point anyway I think.

I planned on going alone but I made it only 5 minutes before fortuitously running into a couple other study abroad students (Quinn and Dalton) on the Tube who had the same idea as me. We spent the day together. Some highlights included a last second winning goal from Tottenham (that’s three straight exciting games, if I took my luck to Dublin for St. Patrick’s Day the world might explode), excellent street hamburgers, and a super weird conversation with a group of extremely intoxicated Sunderland fans.

10393774_10205652643054434_7737446213354104996_nSmall observational differences and tidbits about being abroad

  • When you check the weather forecast, it gives the chance of rain all the way to the ones digit in percent (like 18%). I have a feeling that our knowledge of the weather does not extend to that many significant digits and I find our system at home more honest.
  • Fun Fact: Jay Sean was a Queen Mary dropout. I have a lot to live up to.
  • I finished memorizing the West Ham chant – “Forever Blowing Bubbles.” Go Hammers! West Ham demolished Hull City Sunday and that makes me happy.


  • I got a smartphone so I won’t get lost again because of Google Maps! My savior. I now have both my smartphone and my brick phone. 2 phones! Now I can call myself when I’m lonely and see what I’m up to.
  • Food in England is really good despite what I had been told – I’ve had Turkish, Mexican, Italian, American, Asian, French, Persian, and Greek.

Brick Lane Market

Some of the coolest things about London are the street markets that pop up all over on random days. It’s like a combination between a farmers market, swap meet, and flea market. The smell of food is so good that it would actually make you very uncomfortable to just stay there and not end up over-eating – it’s all just too irresistible.

2015-01-18 21.23.56I wanted to buy an English hat to look cool but I couldn’t pull the trigger on buying one and now I regret it. There’s still time though.

2015-01-18 21.21.33

Technical details about being abroad

In my first post, when I said “Yes I landed Mom” 3 days after landing, that was only a little tongue in cheek because Skype had shut down my account and I actually hadn’t called home yet. But it is now up and running again! So call me everybody!!!! Also, un-fun fact: The Onion’s website has a pay wall for international access. But Princeton came to the rescue with a solution! The VPN access we were provided – to be able to download scholarly articles or MATLAB from off-campus – actually works for all other types of internet blocks as well. So I got my Onion access.

My friend Will and I found a pub showing the Packers-Seahawks thriller Sunday night where there was the amazing dichotomy of rabid Americans following every play and the dozens of Brits who would quizzically look up when one of the Americans got excited and politely ask what just happened.


I have decided to add a recurrent section to this blog. I’m just going to keep count of things worth counting. Simple as that. I’ll add new things to count as the trip goes on and I think of them.

  • 3 – Football matches
  • 1 – Countries

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