Back in London and the Cliffs of Dover

I flew back from my amazing weekend trip to Portugal on Monday morning. Took the train from the airport. Then went straight to class when I arrived on campus. Back to London life…

3 PM

For class Tuesday, we went and explored the British Museum. My favorite exhibit was the clock and watch exhibit and coincidentally I was in the room just as the clock struck three and the entire room erupted into jingles and jangles and ringing and binging and changing and chiming.

Joe and Dover

Joe Yates (friend from Princeton) visited London during his break and we got dinner twice in the week then spent the day together Thursday to visit Dover. We just explored since Dover Castle and its well-known secret tunnels were closed.

At first glance, it seems weird that their main tourist attraction would only be open on the weekends, but – at least historically speaking – I guess it’s normal for castles to be closed to outsiders. So Joe and I just walked up through the main entrance (which was open) hoping that no one was home, but then a security guard sent us the other way. The entire massive castle was protected by a single security guard. Ironic.

We then hiked towards the White Cliffs of Dover. Eagle Scout Joe Yates took us a shortcut through the woods. We encountered forks in the road, trudged through the mud, and ran across a highway before finding a sidewalk and becoming un-lost.

The cliffs themselves overlooked the Port of Dover and you could faintly see France in the distance. This was one of the best viewpoints from my trip so far and definitely the most accessible. You could step right up to the edge of the cliffs and look straight down. The view was simply magical. There were horses running freely in the green hills above the cliffs. You could just sit on the edge (or in my case, a few feet from the edge – yes I was careful Dad) and watch the hustle bustle of the port, the gentle rolling of the waves, and the setting of the sun.

DSC_1336 2015-01-29 14.54.52 2015-01-29 15.31.33

I decided to do what Joe did earlier and just take us down a random shortcut but then we hit a dead end. Figure that, Joe the Eagle Scout was better at navigating. It was just as we were losing daylight, which was a bit frightening. We made it safely back down to the surface. Underneath the lorry entry ramp to the port, we saw this graffiti, which made the day of the two of us engineers. Underneath an overpass to get to the port from England to France was just about the last place you would expect to find the Fourier Series.

2015-01-29 16.33.32

My First Word

For those of you who know me, I love my ice cream. So I bought 5 varieties of ice cream for my freezer so I have options because everyone loves options. I got Oreo Cookie ice cream cones – but it said it was made from Oreo “biscuits.” Somehow I failed to notice that they don’t use the word cookie here. “Cookie” was my first word that I ever spoke and these British people don’t even recognize it. No respect for my childhood.


  • 5361 – Words written on this blog so far (The US constitution is about 4,400 words)
  • 4 – Football matches (Crystal Palace, West Ham, Tottenham, Sporting Lisbon)
  • 3 – Essential items forgotten at least once on trip (Earplugs, Razor, Eye mask)
  • 2 – Countries (UK, Portugal)

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