Hitting a Wall

[Late edit: So I actually fell asleep – which is funny given the first paragraph – before pressing the “submit” button on this post, so just pretend I posted it yesterday]

I’m tired. So so tired. I’ve been here almost a month. Unreal. If you’re wondering – “Hey I wonder what Max is doing/where he is right now?” – for the foreseeable future, I will be sleeping in my dorm room. I’m even asleep right now. In the same way that TV shows sometimes start with the ending and then do “xx days earlier,” that’ll be the format of this post. I’ll also keep an approximate miles walked count.

4 Days Earlier – Thursday

Going to Dover with Joe in the previous post.

9 hilly miles walked

3 Days Earlier – Friday

Ex-roommate Hansen and Elizabeth come to visit London from their study abroad at Oxford. Angela and Kathryn join in during Princeton’s intercession break. We all walk around London. It’s great to see friends, as again, I came here not knowing anyone. I got to see St. James’s Park, Hyde Park, and 10 Downing St for the first time since arriving.

16 miles walked since Thursday

2 Days Earlier – Saturday

More stuff. This time we do Kew Gardens and the Tower of London. I’ll want to do Kew Gardens again when it isn’t 38 degrees and raining next time though.

25 miles walked since Thursday

Most of the pictures from these two days are on other people’s cameras but here’s what I got.

IMG_3572IMG_3542 IMG_3587

Yesterday – Sunday

Morning – Seen on the Tube

I saw an aspiring pickpocket on the Tube. There was this little kid who couldn’t have been more than 4 or 5 years old. He reaches into his dad’s pocket and takes out a 10-pound bill. He then grabs and tugs his dad’s coat and tells him “Look I got your money and you didn’t even notice…[laughs].”

Midday – Arsenal v Aston Villa

I decided to try to go to the Arsenal game (Why not?) – known as the toughest ticket in the Premier League and most definitely sold out. I arrive at the Tube stop 35 minutes before kickoff with huge crowds of people swarming about. I just start asking, “Hey do you have a spare? Anyone have an extra? Sell me your ticket please.”

In my only other time to England four years ago, I tried this exact thing for an Arsenal game, and it didn’t work and I had to go home. This time, it wasn’t looking good either and I did this for 15 minutes.

Then someone comes up to me and goes, “Are you a tout?” [Tout = scalper]

I go, “No, I’m an American student.”

“Want to use mine? Just walk in with me.”


He was super nice and he had an extra seat and let me in for free. His son was named Max. I learned a lot more about the sporting differences between the US and UK. I rooted for Arsenal and they won 5-0.

2015-02-01 13.09.56

Evening – Super Bash

I went back and rested for the Super Bowl (11:30p kickoff). Working for the NFL, I got tickets to the official NFL UK Super Bowl viewing party at the O2 concert venue. The event had a concert/club-like feel with live performances from bands, rappers, the KC Chiefs cheerleaders, an emcee, Madden, open bar with Budweiser, hot dogs and nachos, and stadium seating in front of a large projector screen.

2015-02-01 21.59.08

The British Sky Sports broadcast didn’t have American commercials, which was unfortunate.

Anyway, with the lights dimmed and its ending after 3a, it was hard to stay awake but it was a fun experience. And then I didn’t get back to my room until 5a after an hour and a half on 3 different buses.

32 miles walked since Thursday


 I woke up with a cold. And I’ve strained my hamstring (over the last week) so I’m limping and it hurts to walk. I think I’m just going to do nothing for a bit.


  • 6,014 – Words written on this blog so far
  • 5 – Football matches (Crystal Palace, West Ham, Tottenham, Sporting Lisbon, Arsenal)
  • 3 – Essential items forgotten at least once on trip (Earplugs, Razor, Eye mask)
  • 2 – Countries (UK, Portugal)

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