Study Un-broad (I Love LA)

2015-02-19 14.02.48 “The word is LA. Can you please spell that for me?”

“Country of origin please?” “Contested.”

“Can you please repeat the word?” “Sure, LA.”

“What is the definition?” “Best place on Earth.”

“Part of speech?” “Noun.”

“Can you please use it in a sentence?” “Max left his study abroad in London to fly back to LA for a job interview, and upon his return, he still remains very jetlagged as he spent an cumulative 21 hours flying for only a 2-day trip.”

“Okay, I’m ready to spell: H-O-M-E.” “Correct.”

I spent the last 2 days in the warm embrace of Los Angeles – I wish I could study un-broad more often. I exited the airplane wearing three layers, quickly stripped them off, and promptly lost one of the layers at home due to lack of use so now I am jacket-deficient upon my London return. It was great to see family. It was also the first time in 6 weeks that I had a home cooked meal and was able to drive. Lunch-wise, I got Panda Express, In-N-Out, and Chipotle while the siblings were at school and the parents were at work. I stocked up with Girl Scout Cookies. If only I could always be this productive…

Some differences of home and abroad:

  • Palm trees
  • Temperature
  • It’s much less expensive to live with your parents
  • General happiness
  • I looked both ways to check for cars in the correct US order on the first try, which isn’t a good sign since it means I’m doing it wrong in England
  • I got 75 cents in change from Chipotle and I pocketed it like a champ and carefully put it into a change bag before I remembered that this isn’t like the $4 worth of change you get from England so I got sad
  • There are no buses or cyclists in your way
  • The sky doesn’t cry tears

Now I’m like:


  • 7,244 – Words written on this blog so far
  • 7 – UNESCO World Heritage Sites (Westminster, Tower of London, Kew Gardens, Sintra, Tower of Belem, Stonehenge, Bath)
  • 6 – Football matches (Crystal Palace x2, West Ham, Tottenham, Sporting Lisbon, Arsenal)
  • 4 – Essential items forgotten at least once on trip (Earplugs, Razor, Eye mask, Flip flops)
  • 4 – Airlines flown (United, British Airways, Ryan Air, Air New Zealand)
  • 3– Countries (UK, Portugal, USA [it counts])

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